"Ahool & Pinatubo"
Season 2, Episode 16
Air date September 24, 2008
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"Aswang & Haunted Forest"

"There's a lake with a monster and and a sunken town and dead bodies in it."

Josh and team explore the Indonesian island of Java in search of the Ahool, a giant bat reportedly with a 12-foot wingspan. Next, he enters the rain forests of the Philippines, risking capture by armed rebels and exposure to mercury-contaminated water to find the Pinatubo, a strange river creature.


According to mainstream science, the world's biggest bat is the Bismark flying fox, an animal that never gets larger than six feet from wingtip to wingtip. At least some cryptozoologists think the Bismark's reputation should be sunk. The island of Java, not very far from the Bismark flying fox's home of New Guinea, supposedly harbors the Ahool, a bat with a 12-foot wingspan. It cries "ah hool" and eats fish. It's fur is gray, it's skull is flattish, almost simian, and its ey
es are as black as Hades without the flames. Yet the Ahool is not rumored to have supernatural powers, so maybe naturalists will give reports credence.


Reports coming out of the Philippines describe huge, black creatures swimming the Tikis River, near the former mining village of Buhawen, scaring the daylights out of families for years. Locals first spotted the seven-foot creatures in 2001, after mistaking them for logs. The strange creatures have been seen swimming in the river below Labuan, a village enclosed by tall, thick bushes. Since the monsters' heads and tails were not seen, no one could say what the "Pinatubo Monsters" are.Two tribal leaders have asked that "biasang tau," or scientists, come to solve the mystery. At least for the time being, they'll have to be happy with intrepid Josh.


Josh: As usual our military great night vision cameras were hit at customs and part of our crew got held up in the airport trying to explain that we were just here to hunt monsters.
Josh: What's the deal with airplane food...seriously