Alien Mummies
Alien Mummies
Classification Hominid
Location Peru
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{{{othername}}} Episode "Alien Mummies/Lake Van Monster"

The Alien Mummies that is said to be found on the vast deserts of Chile was investigated in the episode Alien Mummies/Lake Van Monster.

At the InvestigationEdit

Faced with the vertical mine entrance, Gates quips, “That is some Sarlacc Pit/Return of the Jedi nonsense right there.” The team breaks out the climbing gear and heads down into a series of mines which represent one giant OSHA violation. From the single beam holding up the roof at one point, to the “scariest bridge in existence” (seemingly comprised of three 2×4 boards laid atop each other with no visible means of support across the chasm they span). Early in their investigation, audio engineer Mike Morrell accidentally steps into a small hole. Gates reaches into the hole and pulls out a small cloth bundle of tiny bones. They note a smell coming from the hole, and proceed to unearth a small body. This can best be described as a “hoofed chicken monster,” wrapped in burlap, with its left hand and head removed. (Disappointingly, Chilean customs officials refused to let them travel to the United States with a rotting unidentified corpse in their luggage, so this item of evidence had to be left with “the authorities.” No word yet on what happened to the body after the team had to release it into custody.) Investigator Jael De Pardo and medic Rex Williams take the hoofed chicken monster back to base camp. Along the way they see a black shape in the tunnel. When they call out to it, a small rock is thrown at them from the darkness. Gates and his team continue to investigate the mines, looking for an alternate exit. They spot a white ball of light which floats in the air, then disappears down a vertical mine shaft. When they finally find another exit, it opens out over a view of the canyon. A white light appears on the opposite ridge, brighter than a star, and seeming to bob back and forth. It zips around for a short while, then quietly extinguishes itself. At the same time, audio engineer Mike Morrell’s equipment (which is designed to record, not to produce sound) begins producing sound. A number of eerie clicks, whistles, and electronic interference sounds come from his mixer, and then a loud series of squeals is emitted from his parabolic microphone. (Which, being a microphone and not a speaker, is also not designed to produce sound). Back at home, neither mammologists Jim Dines nor former Los Angeles Zoo curator Mike Dee are able to identify the hoofed chicken monster body.