Aliie Boettger
Allie Boettger






Sound Engineer



Allie Boettger is the audio specialist on Season 4 of Destination Truth.


Allie started her career in sound at an audio and video rental house in Los Angeles. "I learned from the best, I really respect my peers in this business," Allie says. Having spent plenty of time with housewives and top chefs, Allie enjoys the freedom and excitement of travel the most. Combining her love of audio and adventure, Allie has crossed the country as a mixer on NBC's Great American Road Trip and School Pride, as well as several shows on ABC, Bravo and Vh1.

Allie graduated with a degree from Washington University in St. Louis in Film & Media studies, and knew right away she was not going to follow a corporate path. She bought a one-way ticket to LA, got a job as a production assistant in two days, and the rest is history. Allie loves the outdoors, and enjoys spontaneous snowboarding trips to Colorado and competing in a Masters swimming league.

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