Classification Hominid
Location Yucatan Peninsula
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{{{othername}}} Episode Haunted Forest/Alux

Alux is a creature in an episode of Destination Truth.


An Alux is a pygmy like creature reported by Maya people from the Yucatan Peninsula. Alux are conceived of as being small, only about knee-high, resembling hairy, miniature people. They are generally associated with natural features such as forests, and are believed to live in deep caves. Some contemporary Maya even consider the many shrines that dot the countryside to be kahtal alux, the "houses of the Alux."Stories say that Aluxes are dangerous if crossed and will often wreak havoc and spread illness. However, If they are treated with respect, they usually leave humans alone. It is believed that it is dangerous to utter their name aloud, as it will summon a disgruntled Alux from its home. Alux hominids have been spotted in the Yucatan for centuries but a recent spate of sightings has brought serious attention to these creatures. In 2007 Dan Gannon, the moderator of an anthropological group, reported a sighting which occurred while he was traveling in a vehicle in the jungles of the Yucatan. He noted "what looked like a human shoulder and arm, and a leg beneath it. It appeared to be a hominid, about 2 feet tall, with only the right side of the body just showing in the headlights. As the vehicle drew closer I could see without a doubt that it moved to more completely hide itself. After a few seconds of speechless amazement, I blurted out what I had seen. Unfortunately, our driver didn't slow down since Mayans actually try to avoid Alux out of fear of being killed after encroaching into their territory. Later that night we were told that we were in the middle of a specific forested area where Alux are often reported."