Evan Stone
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Gender Male
Age Unknown
Hometown Unknown
Occupation Camera Operator

Evan B. Stone is the Camera Operator on Season 3 of Destination Truth


Evan brings his unique skill set to the search for mysteries around the globe on Destination Truth . He describes the experience as "the toughest job you will ever love." Coming from a family of filmmakers, Evan has over twenty years of experience working with cameras. Evan began his career at MTV shooting music videos, and with over fifty videos under his belt, he earned a nomination for editor of the year. His other work includes shows such as The Amazing Race, MTV True Life, Senseless Acts Of Video, One Bad Trip and MTV Sports. Evan has had the rare opportunity to work with Former Vice President Al Gore and became the lead filmmaker for the Emmy Award winning network Current TV. Through his tenure at Current, Evan traveled the world covering hard-hitting social issue documentaries. He's earned thirty major documentary awards including a Gold Hugo Award for Fully Automatic America.