Ghost of Petra/Lizard Man
Season Three, Episode Thirty Three
S03xE14 168
Air date April 14, 2010
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Ghost of Petra/Lizard Man is the fourteenth episode of the third season of Destination Truth and the thirty-third episode overall. The episode investigates the structures of Petra for reported to be haunted and the Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp. This episode aired on April 14, 2009.

Episode SummaryEdit

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Josh: (in the Amman airport baggage claim) Vanessa doesn't have her bag?

Ryder: No, not yet, the bag hasn't shown up. She's wearing your underwear, not mine.

Josh: She could wear my underwear as a pair of pants!
Josh: (as they are passed by a truck with a machine gunner mounted on the back) It's important not to have road rage here in Jordan, because you will lose!
Josh: Ryder!

Ryder: What?
Josh: See any Djinns yet?
Ryder: No, no Djinns, not yet.
Josh: I need a Djinn and tonic.

Ryder: A Djinn martini.
Mike: : (as the rental truck makes a grinding noise) What is that sound?

Josh: : Aw, it sounds good, it purrs like a kitten!

Ryder: Yeah, if the kitten was stuck in the wheel well!


  • Lana Nasser - Cultural Expert.
  • Ghassan Salti - Bedouin.
  • Kaesb Abraham - Petra Worker.
  • Mohammed Eight - Djinn Eyewitness.
  • Liston Truesdale - Retired Sheriff.
  • Dixie Rawson - Lizard Man Eyewitness.
  • Dalton Stevens - Bishopville Button King.

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