Ghosts of Haboro/Mngwa of Tanzania
Season Four, Episode Thirty Seven
S04xE03 22
Air date September 23, 2010
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"Spirits of Angkor Wat/Canadian Lake Monster"
"Ghosts of Truk Lagoon/Japanese Kappa Monster"

"Why can't we ever do, like, a haunted ice cream parlor"

Ghosts of Haboro/Mngwa of Tanzania is the third episode of the fourth season of Destination Truth and the thirty-seventh episode overall. The team explores the ghost town of Haboro and searches the African plains for the legendary Mngwa. This episode aired September 23, 2012.

Episode SummaryEdit

Ghosts of HaboroEdit

The team landed on Tokyo and after surviving the train station rush, the bullet train takes them to Sapporo. At a local university, they met up with Yukihiro Kado and told them about an elementary school. Josh interviewed Toshia Kudo and Katsuhiro Miwa, that both had strange experiences in Haboro and told them that they'll be facing dangerous bears. After loading wit anti-bear supplies, the team transferred to snowmobiles to the scene of the investigation. They set up base camp at an abandoned hospital.

Josh's group heads to the apartment and got a hit in the thermal inside the building. Bobby's group found the place where the workers mined and starts hearing conversations. Meanwhile in Josh's group, they went to the fourth floor, where there is a shrine and they conducted an EVP session. Shawn and Bobby conducted their own EVP session as well. Josh drove using snowmobiles to the elementary school. At one of the floors of the school they heard strange noises and unusual things. With night turning to day, they packed their gear and heads home.

They submitted their hours of footage to the Ghost Hunters to get expert views in their findings. The recordings results a voice similar to the word "Yeah" and "No" in different recordings. A high pitched yell is also heard in one of the video recordings. The thermal footage in the fourth floor of the apartment is considered a great evidence that suggesting that the ghost town of Haboro is charged with paranormal energy.

Mngwa of TanzaniaEdit

The team flew to Arusha,Tanzania. With some pushing of their usual rental car they headed their way to a local museum and meets the curator to gain knowledge about the legendary beast. Josh arrange a meeting with Richard Beatty and directed them to the nomadic tribesman. After navigating to the African plains, they finally met up with some of the nomadic tribesman. One of the tribesman tells a story of his physical encounter with a very large creature similar to the Mngwa and gave the team a lesson on how to protect themselves in the wild using bow and arrows. They drived further more east and established their base camp.

The team was split in two groups. Josh began surveying the area with Ali, Mike and Gabe using their vehicle while Shawn, Bobby and Dan patrols the area. Several minutes later they spotted two cheetahs watching them, they drove away from them and continued the investigation. Later, they spotted an animal and decided to walk towards it and began sweeping the area using the thermal imager. Near a water bank, Josh found large footprint. They casted it and picked the rest of the team.

The thermal footage shows that they saw an african cat but unsure what kind it is. The footprint were identified to be from an African Lion.



  • "Busted Motored Four by Four" is the car they used in the Mngwa investigation.


Josh: (sharing a sleeper car with Shawn and Gabe) Shawn, you do have pants on over there, right?

Shawn: It's too hot in here for 'pants on', Josh.
Gabe: Shawn, when it comes to 'man on man bunking', it's never too hot for pants.

Shawn: Touché, sir, touché.
Josh: (learning there are dangerous bears as well as ghosts in Haboro) Why can't we ever do, like, a haunted ice cream parlor?!
Josh: Vanessa, if a bear walks in here, you're going to do what?

Vanessa: Scream!
Josh: And then?
Vanessa: Run!

Josh: Just like we practiced.
Josh: (doing a nighttime sweep of the Serengeti) Nothing too dangerous... yet! That's the kind of stuff you joke about, and then you get eaten.
Mike: (spotting several cheetahs) Look at them, they're just lurking around. Can they attack from here? Josh: Yeah, they can attack, they're cheetahs! Cheetahs can do anything! They can fly, they can read your mind, they can run 250,000 miles per hour!
Josh: (impressed with the clarity of his night vision goggles) When I look over at you with these goggles on, it's like I can see into your soul!

Mike: Can you see into the future with those?

Josh: Yes, Mike, I can see into the future, and you're working on Nanny 911.
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  • Yukihiro Kado - Professor, Hokkaido University.
  • Tina Greisman - Interpreter.
  • Toshia Kudo - Eyewitness.
  • Katsuhiro Miwa - Eyewitness.
  • Bura Akonsaay - Curator, Natural History Museum.
  • Richard Beatty - Safari Guide.
  • Shakwa Ingitu - Hadzabe Tribesman.
  • Julius Hunt/Un/Ume - Chief, Hadzabe Tribe.


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