Classification Terrestrial
Location Papua New Guinea
Height n/a
Weight n/a
Notable Features Dinosaur-like body, and spiny thumbs
n/a Episode "Iguanodon & Ri"

Iguanodon is a creature that Josh investigated an episode of Destination Truth. It is said to be reptilian that primarily lives in the dense jungles of Tinganavudu and has similar characteristic to the extinct Iguanodon.


A remnant of the Mesozoic era, this massive reptile has been spotted in the jungles of Papua New Guinea. Two sightings were reported in December 1999, when a large animal resembling an iguanodon was seen wading in shallow water along the shore of Lake Murray in the Western Province. The creature allegedly walks either on its hind legs or on all fours. Descriptions suggest that it has brownish-green skin that provides camouflage in its jungle surroundings, a head similar in shape to that of a cow, and large, powerful jaws.

Investigation and FindingsEdit

The DT team investigated the Iguanodon in the episode Iguanodon & Ri. In the night investigation, Josh and his team sees and hears rustling trees but experts say that it was only a saltwater crocodile, and it was propably a

Alleged bones of the iguanodon

state of misidentification. The giant bones uncovered by the villagers turns out to be none other than the remains of a cetacean or marine mammals (like whales and dolphins), in this case, it was a sperm whale's bones.