Classification Aquatic
Location Kappabuchi River
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{{{othername}}} Episode "Ghosts of Truk Lagoon/Japanese Kappa Monster"

The Kappa is an aquatic creature that supposedly lives in the ponds and rivers of Japan. It was investigated in the episode "Ghosts of Truk Lagoon/Japanese Kappa Monster ".


The Kappa is reportedly seen lurking in the Kappabuchi River but lives in nearby caves. It has an amphibious behavior and stands up to four feet tall. It has powerful limbs and strong beaked mouth. There's a hole in its head that is usually filled with water. It's defensive features comes with a shell covered with moss and has piercing red eyes. Was actually a giant salamander


It attacks horses, cattle, and humans, usually dragging its prey into the water, where, according to various legends, it feeds on their blood, or drains their life force, or pulls out their livers through their anuses. Stories tell of Kappa pulling little children into the water and drowning them.

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