The Season Three of Destination Truth started on September 2009 and ended on April 2010.


Image Title Original Airdate Episode No.
S03xE01 26
Haunted Forest/Alux September 9, 2009 1 (20)
The team investigates a reported paranormally charged Forest deep in Romania and goes to Cancun, Mexico to hunt a demonic forest gnome known as the Alux .
S03xE02 4
Island of the Dolls/Lusca September 16, 2009 2 (21)
Josh ventures to a Mexican island to investigate a haunting attributed to a drowned girl. Next, he goes in search of the Lusca, a giant octopus.
S03xE03 04601
King Tut's Curse/Swamp Ape September 23, 2009 3 (22)
Josh and the team make an overnight investigation of King Tut's allegedly cursed tomb. and searches for the Swamp Ape is allegedly the master of camouflage, towers up to 8 feet in height.
S03xE04 3
Ghosts of Chernobyl/Sal'awa October 14, 2009 4 (23)
Josh goes on a dangerous ghost hunting investigation into the radioactive ruins of Prypiat, Ukraine near the the Chernobyl nuclear plant. Afterward he goes to Egypt in search of a wolf-like creature called the Sal'awa.
S03xE05 2
Alien Mummies/Lake Van Monster October 14, 2009 5 (24)
Josh and the team explore a mine in Chile where tiny, unidentified, humanoid corpses are claimed to have been found. Later, the team journeys to Van, Turkey following recent reports and an eye-witness video of a large creature living in Lake Van.
S03xE06 2
Chullachaqui/Bermuda Triangle October 14, 2009 6 (25)
Josh goes to Peru to hunt for a devil-like creature called the Chullachaqui with Ghost Hunters International investigators. Next, he investigates magnetic anomalies in the Bermuda Triangle that focus the team on the mysterious and widely shunned island of Bimini.
S03xE07 1
Haunted Lost City/Thunderbird October 21, 2009 7 (26)
Josh and his team travel to Peru to investigate a lost Incan city with reports of ghostly activity. Next, the team searches the arctic wilderness near the remote village of Manokotak, Alaska for a giant avian locals describe as a Thunderbird.
S03xE08 1
Werewolf/Arica Monster October 28, 2009 8 (27)
Josh goes to the Transylvania forests of Romania in search of a legendary werewolf creature. Next, the team travels to Arica, Chile to hunt down an alleged Velociraptor-like dinosaur.
S03xE09 1
The Bhutan Yeti November 4, 2009 9 (28)
Josh returns to Himalayas, this time to the Kingdom of Bhutan, on another hunt for the Yeti.
Ghosts of Masada/The Leprechaun March 17, 2010 10 (29)
Josh and team go ghost hunting in the ruins of Masada, Israel; a place where nearly 1,000 Jews committed mass-suicide to prevent capture by the Romans. Next Josh journeys to Doolin, Ireland on the hunt for Leprechauns.
Israeli Mermaid
Ghosts of the Great Wall/Israeli Mermaid March 24, 2010 11 (30)
Josh and the team go ghost hunting along a portion of the Great Wall of China near Beijing. Next, he and his team go looking for mermaids off the coast of Kiryat Yam, Israel.
S03xE12 1
The New Jersey Devil/The Yeren March 31, 2010 12 (31)
Josh heads into New Jersey's Wharton State Forest and teams up with Kris Williams from Ghost Hunters to search for the legendary Jersey Devil. In the next segment, he and his team go to China's Hubei province in search of a Bigfoot-like creature called the Yeren.
Mining Town
Haunted Mining Town/The Taniwha April 7, 2010 13 (32)
Josh teams up with guest Allison Scagliotti and goes ghost hunting in two abandoned mining towns, Humberstone and LaNoria, in northern Chile. Next, Josh searches for an eel-like monster called the Taniwha.
S03xE14 10
Ghost of Petra/The Lizard Man April 14, 2010 14 (33)
Josh goes hunting for Djinn that are said to haunt the ancient ruins of Petra in Jordan. In the next part, Josh visits Bishopville, South Carolina in search of the Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp.
Easter Island
Spirits of Easter Island/The Moa April 21, 2010 15 (34)
Josh and team go ghost hunting for spirits that are said to haunt the Moai statues of Easter island. In the next segment, the team travels to New Zealand's South Island following recent sightings of the supposedly extinct Giant Moa.

Season Three's TeamEdit


  • The season three premiere of Destination Truth hit a series high with 2.1 million viewers, the largest amount of viewers ever for an episode of the series and the first episode to be watched by over two million viewers.
  • At the 3.5 of the season Jael was no longer in the show by some unknown reasons but Ryder takes Jael's spot. She still makes a guests appearance on the The Jersey Devil/The Yeren episode.