Vanessa Joy Smith
S04xE04 10






Tech Manager



Vanessa Joy Smith is the tech specialist on Season Three and Season Four of Destination Truth.

Role on Destination TruthEdit

Vanessa helps in the investigation by setting up base camp and monitoring the IR cameras.


Vanessa Joy Smith first identified her passion for film and photography on a ten-day safari in Kenya, Africa when she was twelve years old. She parlayed this pastime into an education at Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts, and a career in Los Angeles, California where she has worked in the camera department on commercials, music videos, documentaries, TV series, short and feature films. In 2007, Vanessa made a documentary on the New Zealand Women's Soccer team's journey to the World Cup. This project gave her the opportunity to travel the world to shoot for the US Women's Soccer team. Vanessa is a first generation Kiwi American. Because of her parent's innate sense of adventure, she has been traveling the world since she was a child. Each year she returns to New Zealand, where she currently holds citizenship, and to other remote locales, where she studies, films, and photographs the people and culture.