Vietnam's Bigfoot
Season Five, Episode Forty Nine
Vietnam Mountains
Air date July 10, 2012
Creature Batutut
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Ghosts of Antarctica
Return to the Haunted Forest/Belize Goblin

Vietnam's Bigfoot is the first episode of the fifth season of Destination Truth and the forty-nine episode overall. The team goes to Vietnam in search of a bigfoot-like creature, known as the Batutut. This episode aired on July 10, 2012 along with Return to the Haunted Forest/Belize Goblin.

Episode SummaryEdit

To begin the Batutut investigation, the team heads to Ke Bang National Park to explore one of the worlds least explored jungles. After a 7,600 mile journey to Hanoi, Vietnam, the team starts off by exploring the area by foot—probably not the best idea since Vietnam is so close to the equator. Despite the heat, they make a few interesting discoveries, like the fact that the old weapons of the Vietnam war have become treasured, local sculptures. After a quick trip to the market and an attempt to drink a very unique(and potent) shot, the team moves on to their first interview. Soon, a professor at Hanoi University is telling them that he found a footprint of the mysterious Batutut himself. The team takes pictures to bring back to the States with them. Next? A quick lesson in walking across the street from Gates and then it is off to the Zoological Museum for the next interview. Here, a primatologist tells them to go to Ke Bang National Park where new creatures are often discovered. To follow that advice, Gates and team fly 250 miles south and make use of many different modes of transportation to get to where they are going: One of the largest caves in the world. They hike into an area near the cave where people have recently reported Batutut sightings and find some very interesting things: a venomous snake, a rock where a large animal seems to have sharpened its claws, and the sound of receding footsteps. After hearing these footsteps, the team fans out and gives chase. They cant quite catch it, but whatever they are chasing is large, fast and stands on two legs! The next day, the team travels even deeper into the forest and hits the mother lode: a trail of massive footprints! After following the trail as far as they can, they make a cast of the footprint and head for home.

Back in the States, Gates meets with Dr. Jeff Meldrum of the Idaho Museum of Natural History to have the findings analyzed. The results are spectacular! Dr. Meldrum concludes that teams findings are the most convincing proof of the existence of a bipedal creature to date—quite a feather in the cap for Josh Gates and Destination Truth.



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